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24H High Price - The last captured high

24H Low Price - The last captured low

24H Last Price - The last captured price

Near 24h Low Percentage - This shows the relationship between the last price and the spread percent. Specifically where within the spread percentage range the last price is. For instance, 2% means the last price is 2% above the last low captured.

Spread High vs Low - This shows the range the coin has moved over a 24H period in a percentage format. For example: ETH/BTC shows 5% spread meaning the coin's low and high is 5% apart.

Grouped Categories - Pairs are group based on the most recent spread percent. They are color-coded to make it easier to see a difference between each group.

Google Sheets Addon

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How to Use

As a reminder, this tool is not to be considered financial advice; informational purposes only. You are responsible for your own decisions and assume all risks associated with them.

TBO Strategy Walkthrough

TBO Strategy DHP Addition - Walkthrough

Backtester Alerts Update


  • A. Check your email for a welcome email from poobahcryptoservices.com and fill out the registration form. Make sure your username is exact.
  • B. You should receive a notification on Tradingview notifications if successful within 30 seconds-1min.
  • C. If your username addition failed, you will receive an email from poobahcryptoservices.com with instructions for the next steps. If you did not receive a Tradingview notification (after a page refresh) check your email.
  • D. Don't forget to register for every course you have purchased to receive your time, it will be added together.

  • A. The backtester comes with Mastering Passive Income and The Smarter Trader courses only. (Or a PCS subscription)

  • A. Check your subscription information (the automated subscription email sent to you when you submitted the registration form - you may need to check your spam folder) - if you search poobahcryptoservices it should come up.
  • B. Your subscription may have expired. If so please reach out to support@poobahcryptoservices.com
  • C. If you still have subscription time and you have changed your Tradingview username, please contact support@poobahcryptoservices.com as the automated system has most likely removed the new username as it does not recognize it. Make sure to include your old Tradingview username and the new one that will be replacing it.

  • A. There are alert conditions for these already included: TBO Long / TBO Short
  • B. Yes, it looks like those symbols will be behind the color change, however, this is just a visual difference by Tradingview. The alert conditions are the same and will fire at the same time.

  • A. Refresh your Tradingview page
  • B. Make sure you are adding the TBO from your invite-only area and not the search

  • A. The notification simply takes you to the indicator info page. You need to go to a chart to load it.
  • B. While on a chart, click Indicators > Invite Only > Click TBO Indicator or TBO Backtester

  • A. Use the 1-minute timeframe and create an alert.
  • B. If you want to test the connection to 3C, create a paper bot then test sending a signal so it does not go to a real bot to make sure things are working.

  • A. The first thing to do is refresh your page to make sure it's not a bug on Tradingview
  • B. Make sure your end date is not in the past
  • C. Change your order type to Contracts - For whatever reason, Tradingview does not show certain charts when the order type is set to USD or NONE (None being when the type is not standard.. aka USDT). This is not an issue of the TBO itself, but how Tradingview interprets the backtester. The only solution I have found is using Contracts for order type. 1 Contract = 1 Unit at the market price at the time of order. For those odd charts, I change to Contracts then back to the previous order type.

  • A. No, this is a limitation of Tradingview's API, not 3Commas. Tradingview does not allow custom indicators outside of Tradingview.com

  • A. The TBO indicator/strategy (backtester) as well as others on Tradingview will typically work on any chart that you apply it to.. that is unless they use data specific to 1 market. The TBO however, is not specified in this fashion and will work on most charts.

  • A. No, those are just placeholders for the custom settings.
  • B. Note that the custom settings are only enabled if you actually tick the check box, otherwise the default settings (not shown in the settings) will be used
  • C. Tradingview by default will show all inputs from the indicator on your chart (whether or not they are used or enabled)

Upcoming Changes Effective as of 12/20/20

Not Financial Advice Disclaimer, Information Disclaimer and Indemnification

Trading Cryptocurrencies, as well as other assets, is not appropriate for all investors or traders. Trading can be inherently risky. You should carefully consider whether trading cryptocurrencies is right for you based on your current circumstances. By using any service or information produced by Poobah Crypto Services (“PCS”) you acknowledge that you have not sought after any financial, tax, investment, legal, or any other professional advice from PCS and that PCS has not provided such advice to you. PCS, or any of its representatives, is neither a Registered Investment Advisor, Commodity Trading Advisor ("CTA"), Authorized Financial Advisor ("AFA"), or any kind of advisor.

You agree and acknowledge that any service, information, signal, indicator, video, tool, scanner, or anything provided to you by PCS is not, and not intended to be an interpretation to enter any trading or investing transaction, financial advice, recommendation, or strategy and is meant entirely without question to be used as an informational/educational service. You acknowledge that it is entirely, 100% your decision to determine if anything provided to you by PCS should be used and accept all liability in doing so. As such, you acknowledge and agree that PCS is not responsible for your use of any information that you obtain through this service.

You understand and agree that past performance or results of any service, information, signal, indicator, video, tool, scanner, or anything provided to you by PCS whether actual or hypothetically “back-tested” is neither indicative of future performance or success and does not guarantee any future results.

PCS will do it’s best to provide data and information that is accurate, however, this is not a guarantee that it will be, and may at times be incorrect. You acknowledge and agree that by using any service, information, signal, indicator, video, tool, scanner, or anything provided to you by PCS, that you are accepting all liability and responsibility for determining whether or not to use such things.

Finally, you acknowledge and agree that PCS is not responsible for the content of 3rd party affiliates/companies/individuals or any manner that incorporates PCS information/tools into their platform/business/strategy, etc (anything that includes PCS outside of PCS) and you accept full responsibility, risk, and liability as a result of using their services.

Based on the foregoing, you agree that you will not hold PCS responsible or liable for any losses associated with anything related or provided to you by PCS. In the event that any claims, suits, actions, damages, liabilities, obligations, losses, or expenses (this also includes reasonable attorney’s fees) arise out of or relate to the exchange between PCS and you, any service, information, signal, indicator, video, tool, scanner, or anything provided to you by PCS, you agree to indemnify and hold PCS harmless therefrom.

This short proclamation cannot disclose all the risks and other aspects of trading cryptocurrency as well as using these services. You should consult with your financial advisor prior to trading as well as using these services.

Payment Terms

Subscriptions are stated exclusive of any taxes, levies, duties, or similar governmental assessments of any nature, including, for example, value-added, sales, use or withholding taxes, assessable by any jurisdiction (collectively, “Taxes”). You the user will be responsible for paying all Taxes associated with its purchases, except for those taxes based on our net income. Should any payment for the Services be subject to withholding tax by any government, the user will reimburse us for such withholding tax.

Refund Policy & Compensation

Due to Poobah Crypto Services ("PCS") being used as a consumable service and the varying degree of Bitcoin prices as well as mining fees, other fees, etc refunds will not be granted unless required by applicable law or as determined by PCS on a case by case basis. Services are "as is" in nature with no guaranteed use/uptime. If however, Poobah Crypto Services has technical difficulty and service is lost, we may at our own discretion opt to increase subscription time where necessary.

  1. In the event that a user receives a refund or partial refund, PCS will deduct any necessary fees to cover the transaction/facilitation of the refund from the amount refunded. PCS will not be responsible for these fees.
  2. ​A partial refund will be calculated by the total subscription given minus the subscription time consumed by the user.
  3. Refunds will be paid out in BTC at the same rate that was applied at the time of purchase.
  4. Subscriptions that were purchased at a discounted price will be refunded at the discounted price, or at the market rate, whichever is lower. (Meaning if a user pays .00225 BTC for a subscription but the market price is now .0045, the user would not receive .0045, but .00225)
  5. If a user from EU or Turkey (upon proof of residency) contacts support with a corresponding request and has not yet used the service (Logging into the services counts as using the service), granted that no more than 14 days have passed since the purchase, the full cost of the subscription will be provided in accordance with paragraph 1 and paragraph 4.
  6. Users may only take advantage of a refund for a disputed payment once. If any refund is made, you waive your right to further challenge a refund dispute with Poobah Crypto Services and or associated payment gateways.
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